Baker Tilly TPA

Photos of the partners

Photos of the Romanian TPA partners can be downloaded here.

In this section of our website, we have added, among others, high-resolution photos of our partners as well as the TPA ogo which can be downloaded.

Photos of the partners

Alina Angelescu

Alina Angelescu

FCCA, Accountant , Auditor, Partner

Download picture of Alina Angelescu ( 27.75 KB , 200x200px )

Cristina Gheorghita - Avocat,  Consultant juridic  Business TPA România

Cristina Gheorghita

Attorney at Law | Legal Advisor

Download picture of Cristina Gheorghita ( 22.64 KB , 200x200px )

Jan Glas - TPA România

Jan Glas

Tax Advisor

Download picture of Jan Glas ( 22.66 KB , 200x200px )

Klaus Krammer - TPA România

Klaus Krammer

Tax Advisor

Download picture of Klaus Krammer ( 22.23 KB , 200x200px )

Cristina Petrescu - TPA România

Cristina Petrescu

Auditor, Accountant

Download picture of Cristina Petrescu ( 22.56 KB , 200x200px )

Claudia Stanciu-Stanciulescu - TPA România

Claudia Stanciu-Stanciulescu

Accountant, Tax Advisor, Valuator

Download picture of Claudia Stanciu-Stanciulescu ( 8.46 KB , 100x100px )

Sorana Cernea TPA Romania

Sorana Cernea

Accountant, Tax Advisor

Download picture of Sorana Cernea ( 13.47 KB , 200x200px )

Johannes Becker TPA Romania

Johannes Becker

Download pictures of Johannes Becker ( 12.98 KB , 200x200px )