European Funding

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In the funding period 2014-2020 Romania can receive grants totaling 38.9 billion euros, divided among about 200 different programs. 90% of these programs are provided for public projects the remaining 10%, can be accessed directly by companies, especially for investments of SMEs, alternative energy and energy efficiency, research, IT, tourism and agriculture.

The network of TPA can offer you all services related to the funding applications for public and private projects.

TPA and its partners can create the entire funding documentation and will support you in all phases of the process, from project definition on to the implementation of the project and assistance during the monitoring phase. These stages include, among others, the structuring of the project, the writing of a business plan, including financial analysis and the actual grant application, the preparation of progress reports and the documents for reimbursement, but also legal assistance when signing the funding agreement or even the project audit.

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