Partnership between TPA Romania and UiPath: freeing up employees from repetitive work

3. December 2019

TPA Romania has become an official partner of UiPath – the leader on the RPA solutions market according to Forrester’s 2019 report – in order to deliver automation solutions its clients, thus facilitating the saving of tens of hours of work for each employee trapped in repetitive tasks.

RPA (Robotics Process Automation) is a package of software solutions that takes over the performance of repetitive tasks based on well-defined rules, tasks employees currently have to perform manually, taking up lots of working hours.

For example, an implementation of an automation solution in an accounting department reduced the time it takes to process a tax declaration by more than fortyfold. This means that a declaration of about 50 pages can now be completed automatically in just 20 minutes, as compared with the 14 hours it would have taken a trained accountant previously. This costly monthly process has already been automated for four separate clients, saving them 56 hours of work each month and approximately 5,000 euros a year for each employee previously trapped in the performance of this task.

UiPath is the leader on the automation market. The goal of the company is to provide a software robot for each person, while also providing free and accessible training on the use of this technology. The partnership between TPA Romania and UiPath facilitates the adoption of a digital workforce among our clients.

Based on a deeper understanding of each client’s business, TPA consultants are able to automate repetitive processes in a cost-effective manner. “We do not want to automate the businesses of our customers just for the sake of automation, instead we will focus only on those processes that will truly make a difference to those employees who currently have to perform numerous repetitive tasks. At the same time, by conducting a careful analysis of the business and all of its repetitive processes, we try to keep the number of RPA licenses to a minimum so that the implementation costs for our clients are as low as possible,” explains Johannes Becker, TPA partner in Romania.

The recognised benefits of RPA technology include increased productivity, security and accuracy of the operations performed. Software robots do not make mistakes, they can perform repetitive tasks much faster than human operators and they never tire, being able to work 24/7.

Are software robots able to take the place of the employees in a company? We believe that this is the wrong approach, as RPA technology is able to increase morale among existing employees by allowing them to devote their time to more stimulating and less repetitive tasks.

With 1,600 employees working in 30 offices, the TPA group is one of the most important providers of tax consultancy and audit services in Central and Southeast Europe. TPA operates in 12 countries in the region: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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