Real Estate & Construction

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The Real Estate & Construction sector involves many repetitive tasks, with large volumes of data and documents to be processed, thus making it one of the best candidates for automation. Examples of processes that can be automated:

  • Drawing up of offers, starting from received requests, and sending them out to clients
  • Updating lists of customers and suppliers, including repopulation
  • Cost centre management: recording of resources (human and material) employed at each cost centre with an impact on procurement or payroll processes
  • Document management: outdated archiving systems, which can lead to errors or loss of documents, can be automated through RPA, by creating an automatic file that stores the scanned documents in a centralised, easy-to-manage system
  • Cost management: by importing costs from the supplier to the project budget, RPA can perform real-time analysis and generate information in the form of weekly, daily or on-demand reports
  • Invoice management: RPA can extract data from supplier invoices and feed it into the accounting system. RPA is also able send confirmation emails to suppliers to inform them that their invoices are being processed and where necessary highlight any missing information
  • Generating estimates: once the basic information from a client has been collected, RPA can use this data to generate a preliminary offer for potential projects
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