Baker Tilly TPA


Our employment practice is a specialised area within our firm that provides the following services:

General Employment Related Matters – negotiation and implementation of facilities for employee restructuring, advice on employment schemes for foreign employees, advice on wage and bonus payments, overtime and senior position (executive) powers, advice on the prohibition of employment termination.

Termination of Employment and Lay-Offs – advice on the drafting of termination of employment documents and the performance of the legal stages of lay-off procedures; assistance to the management in negotiations with unions over lay-off conditions.

Restructuring Programmes – design, drafting and implementation of restructuring/transfer programmes; assistance to the management on the enforcement of restructuring programmes with a view to maintaining compliance with the company's collective bargaining agreement.

Collective Bargaining Agreements – assistance to companies on the legal regime applicable to collective bargaining agreements including advice on the corresponding legal provisions, drafting of the required documents, tailoring of the working time limits and conditions to the actual situation of the company, and participation in negotiations and conclusion of the collective bargaining agreements.

Employment Litigation – assistance of clients with pre-litigation negotiations and litigation relating to collective bargaining agreements and individual employment agreements, and with the termination of employment and lay-offs.