Corporate Law (Incorporation, Corporate Restructuring)

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Our legal services cover the following areas of corporate law:

Corporate Establishment and Restructuring – assessment of the legal requirements for acquisitions, mergers, de-mergers and the establishment of new companies; drafting of by-laws for all types of corporate structures; assistance with registration and the obtaining of required authorisations and licenses; assistance with the increasing or decreasing of share capital by various methods (contribution in kind or in cash, debt-equity swaps, etc.); and assessment of the legal requirements for winding off, spin-off, dissolution, liquidation and bankruptcy.

Corporate Governance – advice and assistance with governance and compliance issues, including management contracts and codes of conduct, a wide range of corporate governance matters, such as voting rights and shareholder agreements, and the provision of secretarial services for general meetings of shareholders.

Corporate Disputes – assistance and representation in shareholder, management and other corporate disputes, including litigation, settlements and arbitration.

Day-to-Day Operations – advice and services on all material aspects of the client’s day-to-day operations, including assistance and advice on legal compliance in the meetings of corporate bodies and decision making processes; drafting of documents relating to corporate governance and proceedings and their due registration and publication; advice and application for necessary authorisations, licenses, permits and clearances.

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