Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is an essential topic for us. We direct our support to projects aimed at helping the sustainable development of the communities in which we are located.

Here we present a series of initiatives supported by TPA Romania.

Autism, Training courses in ABA therapy and ABA Therapy – Logo


The mission of the Autism Voice Association since 2008 is to develop and offer, at the national level, the best specialists and the best recovery and integration programs for children with autism spectrum or behavioral disorders. The association’s two therapy centers are benchmarks of professionalism in Romania, and the association’s multidisciplinary team ensures optimal results in the recovery of the abilities of children with neuropsychological disabilities.

Maria Beatrice Association


The Maria Beatrice Medical Recovery Center was established in 2012, is nationally recognized as a Reference Center for the treatment of neuromotor disorders, cerebral palsy, and child trauma in Romania. In 2017, the construction of the First National Pediatric Center began – a different Hospital for children with cerebral palsy, neuromotor disorders, and trauma, which aims to improve the quality of life of as many children as possible in Romania.

Logo Give Life

THE ASSOCIATION GIVES LIFE (#NoiFacemUnSpital initiative)

The Association Gives Life was founded in 2012, to fundamentally reform the Romanian medical system. The projects of the Donate Life Association change lives. Of children and adults with serious illnesses, of medical staff working in hospitals in Romania. The most visible project of the association is the reconstruction of the Marie Curie Hospital so that all children in Romania with serious illnesses receive the same care as in Western Europe.


Since 1995, the Motivation Romania Foundation has been supporting children and adults with disabilities in the country. The services they offer cover a wide range of needs, from assessment and adapted equipment for different types of motor disabilities, to active recovery and training for independent living with a wheelchair instructor, consultation for accessibility of spaces, and adapted sports. Motivation has restored freedom of movement and hope for a fulfilled life to more than 26,000 people with disabilities in Romania. More information at


The Prematurity Association develops in Romania programs dedicated to premature babies, parents, and neonatology medical staff and brings together experts from different disciplines, parents, and media representatives to improve the quality of public health services in Romania. The organization runs charitable donation programs in maternity hospitals, continuous education for medical personnel, supports workshops and webinars for families with premature babies, projects to prevent premature birth, and financially supports social cases of families with premature babies.

HOSPICE House of Hope Logo

HOSPICE Casa Speranței was founded in 1992, and over time it gained the status of the largest foundation in Romania that offers, free of charge, complete palliative care services to patients and their families. Through all the services offered, and through all the projects started, HOSPICE has proven that valuing every moment of life is not just a motto, but a right that must and can be respected. In its 29 years of existence, HOSPICE has managed to bring hope and provide help, free of charge, to almost 45,000 patients with incurable diseases, as well as to their families.





Following an international model, implemented over the last 75 years in more than 15 countries around the world, the Never Alone Association– Friends of the Elderly mobilizes volunteers, resources, and communities to offer seniors a life with less loneliness. More than 300 elderly people from cities in 10 counties receive the volunteers’ emotional, practical, and material support every week. In addition, in the last two years, we have also developed community programs aimed at providing ways to spend free time with the elderly in 3 cities and we opened a socialization center in Bucharest that addresses the issue of loneliness, both through activities that make the elderly reconnect with contemporary society, but which also helps them find a new social circle. These programs have impacted over 300 seniors.



The Ringier Foundation was established in Romania in 2008 and set out to get involved in those fields and projects where we can change something. All the projects so far have addressed the social sphere and, even before the establishment of this foundation, Ringier Romania initiated (or participated in) projects in the area of ​​responsibility. The sick little ones are at the center of attention because the chance to live is their first right. Since 2012, more than 250 children have been supported in the fight for life.