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We live in a time in which the permanent availability of energy is taken for granted. However, the increased pressure on electricity, gas, heat and water supplies means that the demands and challenges faced by companies in this sector are likely to increase greatly in the future. In response to this, TPA regularly publishes studies that address the energy sector in Central and South Eastern Europe.

Renewable Energy

Demand for energy will continue to rise, especially in the area of renewable energy and the industrialised countries, where there is a need to offer the end-user “clean” energy. Increased environmental awareness among individuals also contributes significantly to this trend.

Branch-specific knowledge and long-standing experience are necessary to identify and initiate current and future development in this field in an optimum manner, thereby ensuring success for investors. To be successful in this field means complying with numerous and divergent national subsidy, tariff and environmental protection guidelines and reacting quickly to conditions on the national and international markets, which are in a constant state of change. Our experts in the energy sector can help you realise your energy projects.

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