Tax Due Diligence

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The purchase or sale of a company or part thereof is a business decision that opens up great possibilities but also risks.
Due Diligence (DD) denotes the “due care” with which the target of an acquisition or a public offering is investigated when companies, participations in companies, real estate or public offerings are bought or sold.

Due Diligence examinations analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the company in question, as well as the risks connected with the purchase or public offering in which the object is assessed. Careful analysis and evaluation of the target company becomes increasingly important, as information asymmetries between seller and purchaser need to be broken down, the opportunities and risks relating to the target company need to be correctly evaluated and “deal breakers” need to be identified in good time.

TPA is able to offer the following assistance with company transactions:

  • Tax-optimised solutions to company transactions from the perspective of seller and buyer
  • Tax-optimised financing
  • Tax due diligence
  • Post-acquisition tax structuring
  • Tax optimisation of restructuring
  • Minimisation of transactions costs
  • Support with negotiations

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