Comprehensive Whistleblowing Compliance Services for Your Business

In an era where corporate transparency and accountability are paramount, we are excited to introduce our Whistleblowing Compliance Service Line. This service is designed not only to ensure legal compliance, but also to foster a culture of integrity and ethical behaviour within your organisation.

For companies with 50 employees or more, the implementation of a whistleblowing system became mandatory under Romanian law as of December 2023. But implementing a whistleblowing system is not just for large corporations. Even if your company has fewer than 50 employees, having a whistleblowing system in place represents a competitive advantage and adds value to your organisation, as it:

promotes transparency, by encouraging employees to voice concerns without fear of retaliation, thus fostering an open dialogue about any potential issues

prevents misconduct, as the early detection of unethical behaviour can prevent financial and reputational damage

strengthens trust, as it demonstrates to your employees, customers and stakeholders that you are committed to ethical business practices

– and, last but not least, it defuses at an early-stage issues which could otherwise aggravate and/or be made public

TPA Romania, through its affiliated law offices, provides a full array of whistleblowing compliance services, including:

a dedicated Software Platform – a user-friendly platform for secure and confidential reporting

custom-made Policies and Procedures – development and implementation of robust whistleblowing policies and procedures tailored to your business needs

staff training – comprehensive training programmes to educate your employees about the importance of whistleblowing and how to use the system effectively

fully externalised Whistleblowing Management – our team of experienced lawyers from our affiliated law firm are ready to handle any whistleblowing reports, ensuring impartiality and efficiency under the professional secret privilege.

We can offer you a free trial of our industry leading whistleblowing reporting platform (available in Romanian, English and German, as well as many other languages). We are also happy to provide you with a more detailed description of our whistleblowing service and to discuss with you how we can best help your organisation comply with whistleblowing requirements.

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