The minimum gross salary has increased to 3,300 lei starting from October 1, 2023

2. October 2023 | Reading Time: 1 Min

From 1 October 2023, the guaranteed gross minimum wage in Romania has increased to RON 3,300 lei a month, according to a Government Decision that was approved. The amount refers specifically to the minimum gross basic wage and does not include bonuses or other allowances. The change was discussed at the meeting of the National Tripartite Council for Social Dialogue.

This year began with an increase in the minimum wage across the board, with the most significant rise coming in the construction sector. The current general minimum wage is 3,000 lei a month, while in the construction sector, it is as high as 4,000 lei.

The government plans to increase the minimum wage incrementally until 2025 when it is planned to reach 3,900 lei. However, there is talk of a possible further increase this autumn, which would mean a faster rate of increase than originally anticipated.

Source: Government Decision no. 900 dated September 28, 2023, on the setting of the guaranteed national minimum gross basic wage.

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