Subsidy Advisory

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Romania is going to receive about 38,9 bn Euro EU-Funds for the period 2014-2020, about 2 bn Euro national funds and more than 500 mil Euro funds from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Private companies can benefit directly from many of these funds for their projects and activities, but the process from the decision to start a project to the moment when the funds are being received is not always easy.

We support our clients to be successful and receive public funds for their projects in Romania. We verify whether their projects respect all rules and regulations imposed by the programs, write and coordinate the documentation required for application of funds and assist our clients in all stages of implementation and monitoring, once the funds have been approved.

Apart from our fund-related services, we prepare market studies for our clients, help the to solve internal problems or problems with Romanian authorities, prepare strategies for restructuring of companies and assist companies that face economic difficulties. Occasionally we also assist in projects outside of Romania (latest cases in Bosnia, Croatia and Austria).

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