CEE M&A and Corporate Financing Forum 2018


aprilie 2018
Palais Ferstel


CEE M&A and Corporate Financing Forum 2018

The TPA Group is Strategic Partner and the exclusive accountancy sponsor of the Mergermarket CEE event, 19 April 2018 in Vienna.
Understanding the deal and financing landscape
The Mergermarket CEE event aims to bring together issuers, originators, advisers and investors to understand the corporate finance environment in Central & Eastern Europe in the year ahead.
Attracting 200 international attendees, the event is a great opportunity to extend your network among contacts from across the Central and Eastern Europe region.
M&A Trends in Central and Eastern Europe
It offers corporate finance executives a chance to understand the deal and financing landscape in greater detail. It offers bankers a chance to originate business with financial sponsor and corporate clients. And it provides advisors with a chance to share their expertise with a senior audience of clients.
Learn about the latest M&A trends and deal drivers across CEE for the year ahead.
Gain insight into political and macro-economic developments in CEE.
Understand how government intervention in the region will play out.
Explore CEE corporates’ growth aspirations and opportunities for foreign investors.
TPA experts for M&A and Corporate Financing
Meet TPA experts from CEE Face to Face at the M&A and Corporate Financing Forum!
Igor Mesenský, M&A expert of the TPA Group
Thomas Haneder , tax expert for the entire Central and Southeastern Europe region

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