Greet 2016 – Vienna – Refuel the Economy


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Global Real Estate & Economy Talks

GREET Vienna treats the prevailing challenges which have to be managed globally and bridges to the real estate business.

2016 GREET VIENNA, Immobilien, Investments, immobilien wirtschaft, Mittel- und Südosteuropa

Refuel the Real Estate Economy

Global economic, ecological, social and cultural changes have their impacts – also on the real estate business. How should the real estate industry react to these changes?  The real estate business is part of the economy as a whole and can’t be isolated. Changes in the economy as a whole have direct effects on the real estate business. The paperless office, Co-Working-Spaces or Industrie 4.0 change the demand of properties – in terms of quantity as well as in terms of standards.

Program overview (temporarily)

  • Share Economy: Availability is more important than ownership – Impacts on the real estate business (Co-Working, Co-Living, Room-Sharing, etc.)
  • Between flat and hotel: What kinds of living are possible and are also functioning in between?
  • Affordable Housing: Models for the low income population
  • The office in the cloud: Between wish and reality
  • Private Nursing Homes: A (still) small market from different perspectives
  • Fintechs: Crowdfunding und and other forms of financing


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